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Cellulose Blown-In Insulation Made from 85% recycled content Easy to install over existing insulation No-itch Energy savings R-50 - Manufactures recommendation Thickness for R-50 Value: 15.1 installed thickness Value: 13.5 settled thickness Blow-In Insulation Bagged Volume per Cubic Feet: 2.76 Fire Rating: Type 1 Weight per Cubic Foot: 8.51 Bag Volume: 2.76 cu. ft Insulation Material: Cellulose Package Type: Bags Sound Barrier Health Risks: You should consult a physician before installing this product if you have asthma Recommended Safety Equipment: Safety glasses and NIOSH approved N95 or higher face mask Required Installation Equipment: Blower machine (at tool rental) and 100 feet of hose Coverage Area @ R-19 (Sq. Feet): 48.5 Thickness for 19 R-Value (Inches): 5.84 Thickness for 22 R-Value (Inches): 6.74 Thickness for 38R-Value (Inches): 11.49