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Bestselling author and sensational food stylist Jennifer Joyce shares quick, delicious, and healthy cooking for busy lives--made easy and fun. Make no mistake, Skinny Meals in Heels is not a diet book. Nor is it a mundane health cookbook stripped of most of the flavor and all the fun. Picture instead a collection of quick, mouthwatering recipes that happen to be low in fat. It's all about healthy meets delicious, with aromatic herbs, spice pastes, and chilies to flavor dishes instead of butter or cream, and baking replaces frying. Most of the 130 recipes inside can be made in thirty minutes or under an hour. They vary from skinny snacks, like Oven-Dried Root Vegetable Crisps, to comforting dishes, like Pork Scaloppine with Lemon-Wine Sauce. Sweets are here too, with details on how to make fat-free frozen yogurt and cocoa meringue kisses. Quick, delicious, and healthy is the new cooking mantra. So cook your friends and family a guilt-free, glamorous meal, and don't forget a glass of wine. (P.S.: It doesn't matter if you're wearing heels or slippers.)
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When the time comes for Livingstone Mouse to find a nest of his own, he wants it to be in the best place. I have heard that China is very nice, his mom says. But where is China? Could it be in a noisy cupboard? A smelly old shoe? A picnic basket? Can a small mouse find China all by himself? Livingstone isn''t sure, but he is determined to find out.Pamela Duncan Edwards'' endearing story of a mouse with a mission is beautifully brought to life by Henry Cole''s lively illustrations. Livingstone is a hero who will captivate and delight his audience.
TVO HS SG: Grade 12 Challenge & Change In Society
It's time for the fair, and the ponies are so excited! There are lots of rides to enjoy, games to play, and prizes to win. Minty has her eye on a big teddy bear. Will she go home with the special prize?
Simple lines. Simple story. Universal appeal. It''s happened before in the publishing world, and it''s happened again with The Peril of Magnificent Love.Author Bradley Trevor Greive walked into a rare-book shop in Sydney, Australia several years ago and felt like he was looking back in time. There before him was a creative force as raw, strong, and straightforward as himself when he was trying to launch his eventual hit The Blue Day Book. Her name was Emma Magenta.Magenta is the author-illustrator of The Peril of Magnificent Love, the first of a series published by Night Butterfly, an imprint founded by BTG. The book introduces readers to the emotional world of a young girl who seeks love with a three-eared bunny and pursues a course to win him. Much to her chagrin, the girl discovers love''s path is fraught with illusion and strewn with disappointment. Nevertheless, the young heroine overcomes her disillusions and finds new possibilities and strength in the lessons she''s learned.Magenta illustrates her seemingly simple tale with red, black, and white drawings that are filled with detail and emotion. Her keen, mischievous eye delves deeply and honestly into remote corners of the human heart. This artistic skill and the quirky text befriend readers on every page. The Peril of Magnificent Love''s emotional adventure is an empowering experience for women of all ages. The book speaks to an even broader audience through its reflection of innocent dreams, sometimes-hard reality, and discerning hope for the future.
Becoming a parent is a blessing that forever changes lives. Filled with Thomas Kinkade artwork and quotes from notable writers, this Little Book commemorates the miracle that comes with having a child.
For the dearest dad in your life, A Little Book for Dad presents a selection of some of the most insightful words ever written or spoken about fathers. May these words be an inspiration to and celebration of every father and father figure in your life.
Elephant, Alligator, and Stork share poolside hijinks as they mix up their towels, tussle over ice cream, and compare diving styles. Best-selling author/illustrator Ethan Long brings his energetic and engaging style to this delightful story of poolside fun and summertime friendship.
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The Sure Hand Of God
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Juicy Lucy: I Love You Mum
Shoes can be utterly magical and capture your heart. This charming collection of minatture shoe crafts indultges your shoe obsession. Included are 20 Press-out paper shoe crafts to make, decorate and adore. Whether you enjoy assembling these pretty papercrafts by yourself, or getting together with a group of shoe-loving pals to make a night of it, you'll have a lucious closet of paper shoes to adore when you're through.
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The Nature Of The Universe
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The Meaning Of The Dead Sea Scrolls
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