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Zwischen Zwei Jahrhunderten: Gesammelte Essays (Classic Reprint)
Zur Vorgeschichte des Goethe'schen Faust (Classic Reprint)
Zur Kritik der Weiblich Keit: Essays (Classic Reprint)
Zu Ciceros Briefen an Atticus, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint)
Zion's Works, Vol. 15: New Light on the Bible, From the Coming of Shiloh, the Spirit of Truth, 1828-1837 (Classic Reprint)
In You Don’t Say Edward Cifelli collects 68 previously published essays and “fugitive thoughts.” It is a miscellany that records some of the things, large and small, that have claimed his attention between 2012 and 2017, between his 70th and 75th birthdays—and his attention ranges far and wide, from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama to Joe Maddon and the Ronettes; from Henry David Thoreau and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Keurig coffee makers and New York Times crossword puzzles; from the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the discovery of the “God Particle” to lottery statistics and lost golf balls. Part of the fun of the book is its crazy quilt of the important and unimportant—and how they look after Cifelli stops to think about them.From “Whining Poets”: “They attend each other’s readings and pretend there is a place for them someplace else in the literate universe. That is delusional, but it’s a fiction they all hold on to—just as they hold on to the idea that they are under-read and under-appreciated. Their usual posture is a sort of hang-dog look of disappointment and loft y superiority, a difficult combination that they manage with the same irritating panache observed in perpetually misunderstood teenagers.”
Yesterdays With Authors (Classic Reprint)
Xenophon's Memoirs of Socrates: With the Defence of Socrates, Before His Judges (Classic Reprint)
Interest in travel writing has grown rapidly within the disciplines of postcolonial and cultural studies; however, recent scholarship has failed to place travel writing within the larger literary tradition. Writing Travel assembles a superb collection of essays that demonstrate how travel attempts to reconfigure the world and, in so doing, to become a metaphor for imagination, subjectivity, and representation itself.Examining a broad range of texts and travellers from across the world, the contributors discuss canonical authors such as Homer, Goethe, and Baudelaire, alongside lesser known writers such as Theodor Herzl, Hans Erich Nossack, and William Gibson. This theoretically rich volume draws connections between travel and narrative, and provides powerful insights into the relationship between travel and the spoken act of storytelling, as well as the more ambivalent act of story writing.An engaging collection of essays by first-rate scholars, Writing Travel is an illuminating exploration of the history of travel writing, its influence on other literary genres, and the origins of narrative.
The first book for writers that explores the emotional side of writing--dealing with everything from envy to guilt to the dreaded writer's block.
Writing Our Way Home is an important contribution to literary studies. ?talian-Canadian writers are not just Canadian writers, but world writers,?states literary critic Elena Lamberti in the introduction to Writing Our Way Home. ?hey write from Canada with an original point of view on multiple (hybrid) identities and have something to tell the whole world ? A unique volume of creative and critical texts, Writing Our Way Home features contributors from Canada, Italy and the United States: Annalisa Bonomo, John Calabro, Michele Campanini, Licia Canton, Giusy Cesari, Pietro Corsi, Domenic Cusmano, Marisa De Franceschi, Mike Dell?quila, Alberto Mario DeLogu, Delia De Santis, Gil Fagiani, Nino Fam, Venera Fazio, Frank Giorno, Gabriella Iacobucci, Elena Lamberti, Maria Lisella, Ernesto Livorni, Darlene Madott, Michael Mirolla, Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni, Linda Morra, Oriana Palusci, Gianna Patriarca, Maria Tognan, Osvaldo Zappa, Jim Zucchero.
Writers on Writing (Classic Reprint)
World's Fair Studies (Classic Reprint)
Works, Vol. 1 of 7 (Classic Reprint)
Works Of Samuel Dexter Bradford, Ll. D.
Works of Edmund Spenser, Vol. 1 of 8: With the Principal Illustrations of Various Commentators; To Which Are Added, Notes, Some Account o
Wordsworthiana: A Selection From Papers Read to the Wordsworth Society (Classic Reprint)
Wordsworth: Poet of Nature and Poet of Man (Classic Reprint)
Woman in All Ages and in All Countries, Vol. 7: Women of Modern France (Classic Reprint)
Without Prejudice (Classic Reprint)
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