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Little Critter: Just Big Enough, written and illustrated in full color by bestselling author Mercer Mayer, offers a gentle but important lesson about bullying. In this 8x8 paperback, Little Critter is being bullied. Bigger kids steal his seat on the bus, eat his cupcakes, and won’t let him play football with them. Little Critter decides he has to get bigger, too. So he stuffs himself with vegetables, exercises until he’s exhausted, and turns himself a growing machine. He’s so disappointed when his hard work fails… But his grandfather helps him see that bigger isn’t always better. With this encouragement, Little Critter leads a team of smaller kids in a relay race against the big kids. And the little kids win!
Help others. Help yourself. Be a better person, and make the world a better place. Using the wisdom of the East to instruct and inspire, Instant Karma is a universe of things a reader can do, right now, to accumulate good karma. And, like pennies going into a piggy bank, each is a seemingly little thing-but feed the bank day after day and feel it grow richer and happier.Created by Barbara Ann Kipfer, the author whose books-including 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, 8,789 Words of Wisdom, and The Wish List-have 1.2 million copies in print, Instant Karma is a compulsive, densely packed, chunky little book of 10,000 or so suggestions, wishes, thoughts, and the occasional heartening quotation.Line after line, page after page, mesmerizing to read and filled with inspiration, it is the best kind of call to action-good for you and good for others.
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Dr. Robin L. Smith, noted psychologist, ordained minister, motivational speaker, and best-selling author of Lies at the Altar, seemed to have the perfect life, but underneath it all, she felt empty. In this powerful new work, Dr. Robin painstakingly chronicles a time when she felt at the end of her rope, unable to truly see herself or escape the unrelenting craving in her heart. Throughout her life, she had always focused on living up to everyone else''s expectations, doing everything they asked-everything they recommended-in the hopes that by pleasing others she would find fulfillment and success. Instead she found herself spiritually and emotionally starved with a hungry soul begging for change. Through vivid descriptions of the symptoms of her hunger, the gnawing emptiness in her soul, and her courageous journey to discovering herself, Dr. Robin opens a window into her own experiences in order to provide insight into yours. With clarity and empathy she starts you on a path to uncovering the real you-the you that lays beneath all the doubt, superficiality, and life crises. Dr. Robin honestly bares her soul and shares her story-plus stories of other hungry souls including her friends, clients from her psychology practice, family, and celebrities-and in the process, teaches you to recognize, survive, embrace, and conquer your own hunger. She teaches you to step into your own story so you can listen to and learn from the wisdom within.
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The Power of Positive Confrontation is for everyone who was never taught, or never realized, that between bully and wimp is a range of behavior that is positive, dignified, and effective for dealing with life''s bothersome situations. The skills it teaches will not only improve your ability to confront others, but will also help you to live a more conflict-free life. Filled with hundreds of often entertaining real-life examples drawn from Barbara Pachter''s many years of teaching assertiveness and business etiquette, The Power of Positive Confrontation is as perceptive about people and their behavior as it is clear-headed about the strategies you need to handle yourself confidently and effectively in all confrontational situations.
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How do you gather courage in the face of new situations?When Daniel blew out the candles on his eighth birthday he had made a wish: to be brave like Fiona.Fiona and Daniel are twins but they aren''t anything alike. Fiona is fearless. She loves to watch spooky movies, she never sleeps with a nightlight and she cannonballs right into the deep end of the pool. Daniel needs a little more time to feel comfortable in new situations.As the twins get ready to start all over at a new school in April, Daniel needs all the courage he can get!Will Daniel see last year''s wish come true - especially when he has to give a presentation to the whole class?As always, Nancy Wilcox Richards draws on her many years teaching elementary school and effortlessly ties in curriculum links, along with the character traits explored here.
Sophie is positive that she''s discovered her perfect name this time--Sophie the Hero! After all, she''s already proved herself worthy of the titles. When her little neighbor ran into the street in front of a car, Sophie came to the rescue just in time. If that''s not heroic, what is?But being a hero might be tougher than this third grader expected. She''s supposed to save the day--not cause more trouble! Could Sophie''s latest name be a heroic flop?
How Rich Do You Want to Be?You''re about to learn the money manifesting secrets most people will never know. It has nothing to do with the stock market, real estate, or investing.Getting rich is easy! In fact, it''s so simple, anybody can do it! Let me show you the process rich people have known for hundreds of years... You''ll learn how to attain massive wealth with just three easy-to-follow steps. In this book, you''ll learn:- The single biggest reason most people are broke (and stay that way)... and how you can make sure you aren''t one of these people!- A way rich people spend money...which actually increases wealth!- The true secret to unlimited wealth! (99% of people are absolutely floored by this secret... because... they didn''t have the slightest clue.)- A way to handle pocket change which may very likely double your income this year! (This trick only takes 3 seconds per day!)- Four powerful target words which you can add to the end of any wish or prayer, that guarantee you''ll receive the absolute best results!- How you can turn your financial life around in just 60 seconds! (It''s so simple, you''ll kick yourself for not having thought of it.)- Why rich people always attract money...even in a bad economy! (And how you can too!)Get rich, one step at a time...This book has been organized into an easy-to-follow, 3-step system. Simply follow the process, sit back, and let the system do its work. That''s it!
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Daphne is a hilarious, fashion-savvy YouTube star. But at school, where Daphne is really Annabelle Louis, seventh-grade super geek, wearing the latest trends is far off her radar. Her therapist, Dr. Varma, suggests she try something new--a wardrobe makeover. Fashionable outfits bring Annabelle newfound attention, which she can't help but enjoy. But when her new popular friends start showing their true colors and making fun of others, Annabelle becomes fed up with fashion trends and popularity. Luckily she has her vlog, Daphne Doesn't, where she can make fun of it all and be her true self. Meanwhile Annabelle tries to keep her secret identity as Daphne from leaking out, and popular girl Rachael Myers is determined to find out the truth.
A few months into the school year, Annabelle Louis is starting to find her place at McManus Middle School. But Annabelle's therapist, Dr. Varma, still thinks there's room for improvement in Annabelle's social life, especially since Mom will be leaving soon for an overseas assignment. Knowing there's a school dance coming up, Dr. Varma challenges Annabelle to learn how to dance. What keeps Annabelle interested in the challenge are the hilarious videos she posts on her vlog, Daphne Doesn't, making fun of the various styles of dance she's learning. The videos are a hit, and as Daphne Doesn't goes viral around McManus Middle School and elsewhere, Annabelle's alter ego won't stay secret for long. Will Annabelle continue to live a double life, or can she find a way to combine her two identities into one?
They''re back! Rediscover the zaniest characters you''ve ever met in this best-selling series which has sold millions worldwide. Bright and charming, with easily recognizable characters and a small take-along format, Mr. Men and Little Miss books are easy enough for young readers, witty enough for humor-prone adults, and highly collectible for one and all. Also check your local listings to view the Mr. Men & Little Miss TV show.Back to the Mr. Men & Little Miss microsite.
They''re back! Rediscover the zaniest characters you''ve ever met in this best-selling series which has sold millions worldwide. Bright and charming, with easily recognizable characters and a small take-along format, Mr. Men and Little Miss books are easy enough for young readers, witty enough for humor-prone adults, and highly collectible for one and all. Also check your local listings to view the Mr. Men & Little Miss TV show.Back to the Mr. Men & Little Miss microsite.
Will Mr. Slow ever find a job that''s as slow-paced as he is?
Paulsen (a Newbery Honor author) adds another affecting and realistic title to his pantheon of stories about outsiders learning how to become more positive forces in the world.--SLJFrom the city Carley learned rage—can the country bring him peace? Carley would rather be anywhere but here: a town deep in Minnesota’s farm country, with nothing plentiful except poverty. Still, staying with his uncle David and his family is better than reform school—which was where Carley was heading. Something was eating away at him, making him do crazy, violent things. No one could understand why—least of all Carley himself. But then David takes Carley to his blacksmith forge. And under the grim nights and days of the Minnesota fall, under the glow of hot steel, and the most exhausting work he has ever known, Carley begins to see a way to shape his life. “A beautiful written message of hope.”—International Checkpoint
Inside, outside, upside down: Young readers will discover the many ways to celebrate the joy of loving who you are! With fun, energetic text and dazzlingly colorful illustrations, this lively and engaging book is now in a Spanish bilingual board book edition. High on energy and imagination, this ode to self-esteem encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves-inside and out. Messy hair? Beaver breath? So what! Here''s a little girl who knows what really matters. At once silly and serious, Karen Beaumont''s joyous rhyming text and David Catrow''s wild illustrations unite in a book that is sassy, soulful-and straight from the heart. Now in a Spanish-English bilingual board book edition.
You’re totally ready to live your Fun, Fearless, Life—so let’s get to it! From dressing for the job you want to mastering the define-the-relationship talk with your guy, Cosmo’s got you covered. Throwing a party for your pals? Finally getting your apartment organized? We've got the practical, doable tips you'll need. And let’s not forget your next area of life domination: finding long-lasting love and keeping things super-hot (and super romantic). Cosmo’s Dream It! Dare It! Do It! is like a road map to the awesome life you deserve.
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Omar loves drawing pictures and wishes he could be as good at it as his classmate Elsie. But his teacher, Ms. Fudge, can never figure out what Omar''s pictures are- no matter how hard she tries.When the whole class goes ice skating, however, Omar''s true talent emerges. He shows Elsie how he can glide and whirl and spin.After all, it''s easy when you don''t worry and just have fun. And the whole class discovers with Omar that there is more than one way to draw pictures.
BRAIN BUILDERS MM: Easy Exercises to Sharpen Your Mind
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With breezy energy and kinetic illustrations, this picture book promotes foundational concepts of love and confidence while fostering reading. Diverse, engaging characters encourage kids to love themselves and what they can do.
The Last Call: Hidden in Plain Sight
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Playing and dancing, you''re a star! Listen to Danza: Beautiful is what you are! Danza and her friends are silly and sweet. Playing before the mirror, they are reminded of just how special they are. Parents and children alike can relate to this valuable book about self-esteem and self-love.Danza''s Message is part of the national award-winning Pumpkinheads book series. Pumpkinheads children''s books focus on social and emotional development, aiming to help little ones build awareness of their feelings, along with learning from and interacting with others. The Pumpkinheads mission is to educate, empower, inspire and entertain through beginner reader books and above all, to educate hearts and minds! Recipient of Dr. Toy''s Ten Best Chilldren''s Products of 2015, Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval, and Academics'' Choice Smart Book Award.
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