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If you love to scrapbook but don`t want to break the bank doing it, look no further. Inside you`ll find inspiration for supply-savvy designs-ideas for using up scraps, making the most of your stash, and creating budget-friendly pages without sacrificing style. 4 chapters: Scrap Happy (clever ideas for using leftover supplies) ; Stretching Your Supplies (get the most out of your materials) ; The Whole Kit `n Kaboodle (take the guesswork out of scrapbooking by using a coordinating kit) ; Make It Your Way (with just one set of supplies, design inspiration still abounds) .
Decorate your world with stickers!Use these unique, artist drawn stickers to decorate letters, folders, and gifts, or as book plates. This set is a fantastic value with over 500 stickers.
Capturing everyday moments becomes fun and creative with Today guided journals.The pages have sections where you can write, doodle, sketch and/or paste/tape in things that you wish to record from your day. Plus, there are prompts, quotes, and journaling tips to keep you inspired.There are blank and lined pages, as well as journaling spots and areas for you to fill-in or alter.It's a journal that's designed to make it simple to keep your memories treasured forever.Have fun #JournalingToday!
For anyone who appreciates the value of memories found in a photo. Afternoons spent creating pages of recent and distant memories. Clipping colorful images and adding stickers to adorn your favorite photos and letters while capturing a friendship in pictures surrounded by ribbons and various textures. Scrapbooking is a labor of love for the millions who spend their spare time engrossed in new layouts and inspired ideas. For some it is a hobby that turned into their life''s passion, while others see it as a way to uniquely record family history for generations to come. Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker''s Soul will inspire you or your favorite scrapbooker by offering a glimpse into the lives of these creatively gifted, generous souls who have found lasting friendships, rekindled love and helped those in need through the heartfelt gift of a scrapbook. Reminisce with scrapbookers about the deep relationships they formed creating pages and teaching the art to their children, how siblings bonded over a Saturday afternoon spent with scissors and glue, and how some stay-at-home moms turned their creative outlets into lucrative scrapbooking careers. Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker''s Soul is for the millions of scrapbookers already out there, and for those who aspire to crop, journal and embellish their cherished photos and memories.
Decorate any note, letter or list with stickers!Use these unique, artist drawn stickers to decorate letters, folders, and gifts, or as book plates. This set is a fantastic value with over 500 stickers.
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This easy guide details all you need to know to get started in scrapbooking with more than 85 practical techniques, projects, ideas and inspirations. The book contains over 400 color photographs and artworks, including step-by-step instructional sequences.
Surprising wisdom and wit. Character. Joie de vivre. That’s what children have. Funny faces, then a random meltdown. Insatiable curiosity combined with sheer stubbornness. And the laughter…As a parent, you want to remember every precious moment of it. That’s why this book was created. One place where you can write down all the beautiful and infuriating things that the children in your life say, do, ask, imagine and learn.Over 200 whimsically illustrated pages on which to record your special events and memories.
Featuring the best of the best, this 288-page book gathers scrapbooking ideas and tips on creativity, design, and organization from two years of Creating Keepsakes magazines and special issues. Here you''ll find tips on everything from how to find more inspiration in the things around you to how to stretch your scrapbooking budget just a bit further. Plus, you''ll be inspired by the fabulous scrapbook pages featured in each article. With every turn of the pages, you''ll be thinking, Oh, oh, oh, I want to try that. More than 650 ideas: Effortless tips & tricks; Jumpstart your creativity; Better design for better pages; Take stunning photos; Organization for all your supplies; and Shortcuts for cutting-edge techniques.
Scrapbooking is sweeping the nation! This hot hobby is a fantastic way to preserve your memories and family history—and have a lot of fun doing it. Now, here’s an easy-to-follow guide that will have you creating great scrapbook projects in no time.Scrapbooking For Dummies is perfect for you if you’re a new scrapbooker who wants to create your own personal scrapbook (or who would like to make a special scrapbook for a friend or loved one) or if you’re already an avid scrapbooker who’s looking for helpful tips and new ideas. This friendly guide takes the guesswork out of creating well-designed albums. You’ll discover how to:Organize your photographs and memorabiliaAssemble the right tools and materialsResearch your personal history and tell your storyDesign attractive, foolproof page layoutsNetwork with other scrapbookersThis plain-English guide features clear, close-up photographs and sketches that illustrate just what you want to know about scrapbooking tools and techniques. You’ll learn about the different styles of scrapbooking, how to create unity in your albums, and how to take better pictures (including advice on digital photography). You receive hands-on guidance every step of the way as you:Choose a theme or occasionCrop and mount photographsAccessorize with stickers, stamps, and moreEnhance your albums through journalingAvoid costly, time-consuming mistakesTake proper care of photographs and negativesExtend the life of your old photosComplete with ten great scrapbooking projects and a list of online resources, Scrapbooking For Dummies gives you the tools you need to create beautiful albums to share with family and friends—and pass on to future generations!
Easy projects use simple but effective methods and materials that are ready to hand, plus more advanced ideas stretch the crafter with more skill and experience.
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