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If your favourite device is out of juice and you need to charge it fast, trust the InstaSense Micro-USB Wall Charger Kit from Digipower to get it done. The kit comes with a 1.5-metre micro-USB to USB cable and a compact charger that features a folding plug and world-wide voltage so you can take it with you anywhere! The charger also features Digipower's InstaSense technology which detects a device and delivers the fastest, most reliable charge for that particular device.
Charge all of your favourite devices with the Digipower ISAC3D 3.4 Amp InstaSense Dual USB Wall Charger. This USB wall charger features 3.4 amps of charging power, and InstaSense technology, which helps to provide the fastest and most reliable charge. This charger also provides advanced protection against over current, over voltage, and short circuits. This wall charger is compatible with all Micro USB powering devices for added convenience.
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