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For mounting the Optiplex Micro chassis under a table or desk or on a wall. Includes Power Adapter mount. Includes a power adapter box enclosure for 65W, 90W or 130W power adapters.
Maximize your desktop space with this innovative monitor stand. It is height adjustable to your personal SmartFit comfort color. Patented: Lazy-Susan storage area allows for easy access to desktop tools. Supports Flat Panel (LCD) monitors up to 40 lbs.
The Kensington Extra Wide Monitor Stand combines the ergonomic benefits of raising your monitor height with a durable and stylish design. The extra wide platform offers an organized working environment with plenty of space underneath to store a full-size ...   Show More
For mounting the OptiPlex Micro chassis between a monitor and an arm. Dell recommends using the Humanscale M8 Arm with the Micro Dual VESA mount. Includes a power adapter box enclosure for 65W, 90W or 130W power adapters.
Integrate your iPad Pro or other tablet seamlessly into your workspace, with this adjustable tablet stand. Move the tablet arm up or down and rotate the tablet to adjust your viewing position instantly. The universal tablet stand rests securely on your desk, or you can mount it to a wall, or on the underneath surface of a cabinet or cupboard. With this highly adjustable tablet stand, you can maximize use of your tablet without having to hold it in your hand or place it down on your desk. Simply move the tablet arm up or down, with its two movable joints, to position your tablet at the perfect height. The tablet arm pivots 0 / +170 degrees at the base and -40 / +180 degrees at the elbow, to allow easy adjustment of the tablet positioning. Switch easily from portrait to landscape position, with 360 degree rotation. The clamp spreads apart easily to hold a tablet or phone from 4.7-inch to 12.9-inchin size, and up to1 kg (2.2 lb.) in weight. With its large base, the tablet stand rests secu
The Kensington SmartFit monitor stand with drawer combines the ergonomic benefits of an adjustable monitor riser with the added benefit of extra desktop storage. Incorporating Kensington's patented SmartFit technology to ensure proper fit, the stand eleva ...   Show More
Fellowes - Mounting component (base) for monitor / notebook - black - screen size: up to 17''. Create a more productive dual-display workspace that raises your laptop and monitor off of your work surface and Allows you to lift, lower, tilt, pan or rotate y ...   Show More
RackSolutions' monitor wall mount gives users the ability to easily mount a monitor to a wall.
Instantly set the height of your LCD for a more comfortable computing experience. With fingertip effort, raise or lower your LCD 5-inch (130 mm), pan left/right, tilt forward/back, and rotate your screen for portrait/landscape viewing. Upgrade monitors or ...   Show More
The Dual VESA Arm Mount is used to mount the 5070 thin client between the Dell MSA14 Arm and a VESA-compatible monitor screen (up to 27'). This mount is only designed to support the Wyse 5070 extended chassis. The slim chassis is not compatible.
VESA Monitor Mount Desk/Grommet Mount For up to 34-inch Monitors. Save space and work in greater comfort with this monitor desk mount. The simple and stylish monitor pole lets you mount a single VESA mount monitor (75x75, 100x100) above your desk or table, and adjust the position of your display for ideal viewing. Create an Ergonomic Work Space With the computer screen mount, you can suspend your display on a support post above the desk surface and adjust your display height, position and viewing angles easily for an ergonomic work environment. The display mount gives you the added benefit of reclaiming valuable workspace on your desk. The steel single-monitor mount securely supports displays up to 34-inch, with a maximum weight of 30.9 lb. (14 kg). Easy Height Adjustment Along the Pole The height adjustable monitor arm features an 11.89-inch (302mm) tall support post, so you can adjust the height of your monitor along the pole. Adjust your Screen Position Enjoy optimum viewing with ea
Wall-Mount Monitor Arm Aluminum| Tool-less| For up to 34-inch Monitors. Free up space with this wall-mount monitor arm and enjoy optimum viewing with the swiveling extension arm. The premium design ensures smooth, effortless motion and makes it easy to re-position your display, to work in comfort or collaborate with others. The attractive silver finish complements your decor. The wall-mount system is ideal for business, healthcare, financial or other settings, where you may want to share your screen, or for customer-facing interactive displays. Adjust the Swivel Arm with Ease The wall-mount monitor arm extends 10.2-inch (26 cm), making it easy to change your screen position. Move the swivel wall-mount freely, to the left or right. You can also adjust the swivel tension. Durable and Stable Construction The robust aluminum design provides a stable wall-mount for your computer monitor or flat-screen TV up to 34-inch. It's ideal for touch-screen stability. The universal display wall mount 
This accessory supports the Dell AC5111 Soundbar on monitors with 100 x 100 VESA mounting patterns.
Fellowes Depth Adjustable Arm - Mounting component (support arm) for Monitor
Monitor Mount For up to 34-inch VESA Mount, iMac, Apple Cinema and Thunderbolt Displays. Save space with this premium desk-mount monitor arm, by suspending your display above your desk. It supports a monitor up to 34-inch, with an articulating arm that makes it easy to adjust your screen. Versatile Use Use the single monitor desk mount to mount your VESA mount monitor (75x75, 100x100) up to 34-inch. You can also mount your Apple Cinema Display, 24-inch iMac or 27-inch iMac, or Thunderbolt Display that came with a removable stand or built-in VESA mount adapter. The attractive silver finish complements Apple displays, making it ideal for customer-facing workstations. Sleek and Stable Aluminum Design Made of aluminum, the heavy-duty monitor arm provides stable support for your display, with a weight capacity of up to 30.9 lb. (14 kg). Enjoy Optimum Viewing The arm extends 8.3-inch (210 mm) to allow a wide range of motion. Move the monitor arm effortlessly side to side to adjust your scree
Fellowes - Wall mount for Monitor (adjustable arm) - black - screen size: up to 42-inch
$160.99 -6%
Enjoy a virtually tool-free assembly and easy installation with this Dell Single Monitor Arm - MSA20.
Fellowes Platinum Monitor Arm - Desk mount for Monitor (adjustable arm) - black - screen size: up to 30''
Upgrade your WorkFit to hold two LCDs above the desktop. Offers 5'' (13 cm) of height adjustment. Easily lift LCD screens to proper height for ergonomic comfort.
Chief's CPU mount fits units used in commercial environments. The advanced design includes infinite adjustments to fit almost any CPU, and includes features that facilitate maintenance and cable access.
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