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Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of Hands Free Shredding--just stack, shut and you're done. The Stack-and-Shred™ 60X is a revolutionary, automatic, cross-cut shredder that does not require manual feeding. The top of the shredder flips open to reveal a paper tray for you to load up to 60 sheets. There is no need to remove staples or paper clips. Once you shut the lid, the shredder is ready to get to work. The Stack-and-Shred meticulously shreds all 60 sheets, in just 6 minutes, without your help or supervision. Each letter size document is shredded into approximately 355 pieces. Credit cards and up to 5 sheets of glossy or folded paper can be fed through the separate manual feed shred lot.</br></br>The 60X is designed to be a personal shredder. It is ultra-quiet as it shreds, and easily keeps up with thedocument security needs of one person. The cross-cut cut style provides moderate, Level P-3 security that is impeccable for shredding confidential documents. The 60X has an ample 4-gall
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