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Thickness: 1/16""
O-Ring, Od: 1-1/2"", Id: 1-1/4"", Thickness: 1/8"".
For potable hot and cold water distribution
Category: Flappers
Durable, Non-Conductive/Non-Corrosive Polyethylene
Category: Brass Fittings
Thickness: 3/32""
Thickness: 1/8""
Category: Aerators
Thickness: 1/8""
Category: Aerators
Slip X Slip
Category: PVC Fittings
Category: Tubes & Hoses
Chrome plated brass ball
Category: Tubes & Hoses
For #1200 Cartridge In Single Handle Lavatory and Tub/Shower Valves
Faucet Lock Nut 1/2 Ip
TempZone Cable Fixing Plastic Strips are used for securing TempZone Floor Heating Cable in place on floors at predetermined spacing. These strips enable you to keep the heating cable secured in position, uniformly positioned across the floor, while you install the floor adhesive. The cable fixing strips are 1 x 11 and are available in packages of 30.
Chrome Plated Plastic
Slip X Slip X Slip
Category: Flappers
Leviton's 1-Gang Thermoset Duplex Device Receptacle Wallplate is designed for high dielectric strength and arc resistance, as well as to resist fading, discoloration, grease, oils, organic solvents and moisture scratches. Comes in ivory.
Category: Wall Plates
Used to join straight lengths of CPVC tubing
Category: Flappers
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