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EZ Strip All Purpose Remover is a fast acting spray gel stripper. EZ Strip advanced non-toxic formula can be used effectively on virtually all surfaces. Remove all types of paint spill & overspray, graffiti, decals, markers & ink, gum, adhesive & glue residues, tree pitch, stickers, bugs & tar, and just tough sticky stuff. Gets the dirty jobs done!
Prova-seal sealing and bonding compound is a single component, waterproofing sealing and bonding compound that is premium hybrid silicone sealant. Can be used to waterproof pipe and value protrusions in the prova- shower system and for use with prova-board.
All of your furniture care and touch-up tools are in one handy and economical kit. The Trade Secret Furniture Restoration System combines the most popular elements of the Trade Secret line in one place. From using the Light or Dark Scratch Remover to hide scratches on finished furniture to the four wood tone wax Fill Sticks to repair deeper type of damage, virtually everything you need for most furniture touch-ups is at your fingertips. Finish off any repair with the Furniture Polish & Cleaner and handy microfibre polishing cloth. Look no further, everything you need for your furniture care is right here.
Get the best of both worlds. These unique drop cloths combine a top layer of canvas that captures, absorbs and promotes drying of paint spills or splatters as it is trapped within the weave structure. A second unique bottom layer of NON SLIP polypropylene laminate provides 100% leak proof protection and stays put. Avoid a mess before it happens by using these professional quality grade drop cloths.
This 75 Feet roll of Deluxe Multipurpose Vinyl from Vinyl-It is a must-have for all DIY enthusiasts. Ideal indoors or out, it can be sewn for a variety of projects and is perfect for covering tables and furniture to keep them protected from children, pets and general wear-and-tear. Also a great solution to temporarily patch broken windows, it can additionally serve as a heavy-duty drop cloth to offer protection during moving, renovations or painting projects.
Eco Wood Treatment is a highly effective wood treatment that beautifies outdoor wood for a life time of enjoyment. Apply product to bare, untreated wood in one easy application. Unnecessary to scrape, restain or worry about fading or peeling after the one application. Color will mature to a beautiful velvety silver.
Makita's new cordless 18V caulking gun is ideal for quick and precise application of caulking and sealants, an additional item to the ever growing platform of cordless tools offered by makita
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