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All of your furniture care and touch-up tools are in one handy and economical kit. The Trade Secret Furniture Restoration System combines the most popular elements of the Trade Secret line in one place. From using the Light or Dark Scratch Remover to hide scratches on finished furniture to the four wood tone wax Fill Sticks to repair deeper type of damage, virtually everything you need for most furniture touch-ups is at your fingertips. Finish off any repair with the Furniture Polish & Cleaner and handy microfibre polishing cloth. Look no further, everything you need for your furniture care is right here.
""The ultimate all-in-one leather repair solution is now available to help you avoid costly repairs with safe and easy-to-use components in the Trade Secret Pro Leather Restore. From restoring scratches and worn areas to their original beauty to repairing tears, scuffs and hangnails, Pro Leather Restore allows you to colour and seal various types of common leather damage in moments. This leather colour touch-up and repair system containing leather colourants, Vinyl Adhesvie, Clear Finish and various other tools of the trade is truly the cats meowespecially when that same cat has got its claws into your favorite leather sofa! Use Trade Secret Pro Leather Restore to bring all of your leather (except Nubuck and suede), vinyl and bycast pieces back to life!""
The Trade Secret Leather Care System is a water-based, biodegradable system that contains everything you need to clean protect and care for your leather so that it stays beautiful for many years. System includes a Soft Cleaner for Leather, a Leather Protection Cream along with an application sponge and cloth. The Soft Cleaner for Leather neutralizes and removes contaminants such as: perspiration, dirt, cosmetics and other chemicals that darken and stain leather furniture permanently blemishing its beauty. This simple cleaning process will maintain and, in many cases, enhance the leathers natural allure without changing its texture or colour. The Leather Protection Cream is designed to provide a breathable barrier that protects the leather against dirt, grime, perspiration and sweat as well as liquid and food spills. Even daily abrasion from clothing could damage the leather if unprotected.
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