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Wake up feeling refreshed and rested with the Aspen Standard Pillow. Drift to sleep on its double jacquard cover, made of viscose with a calming white and blue pattern. The molded pillow is ideal for people who want a more solid support for their head and neck. Unlike feather or shredded cores, it will not redistribute during the night, while this memory foam pillow conforms to your head and neck's contour. It will keep you comfy, and will retain its shape when released, benefitting you on the long-term. The Aspen Pillow is especially helpful for people who suffer from allergies, and gel helps to control your body's temperature, and gives you a calm, perspiration-free night. Once you try the Aspen Pillow, you will feel the difference between it and other traditional pillows, and you'll never want to go back.
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The Sirius 8In Pocket Coil Mattress features a plush top with 768(Q) Pocket Coil innersprings allowing for ultimate support while you sleep. The 6.7In 16 gauge pocket coils rest underneath a layer of 1.18In foam giving your body the benefits of both foam and coil based mechanisms. The Sirius 8In mattress also includes an additional 3 rows of 11 gauge pocket coils offering excellent sturdiness and stability to the edge of the mattress. The Sirius 8In Pocket Coil Mattress comes compressed and rolled inside a wheeled carton for ultimate convenience and portability.
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