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The Channel Master 24-44" Universal Telescoping Antenna J-Mount is a one of a kind mounting solution enabling consumers and professionals to easily install many different types of outdoor antennas in a variety of different mounting applications. With its universal capabilities, there's no need to worry about compatibility as it will accommodate most brands and styles of outdoor TV antennas. The mast section of the mount is adjustable and telescopes from 24 inches to 44 inches, allowing for clearance on most pitched roofs or to extend above a wall. The mounting plate was designed to revolutionize the traditional J-mount with two adjustments, allowing it to be installed on angled and/or pitched surface’s while maintaining a vertical positioned mast. Mount Features Universal design eliminates any concerns about TV antenna compatibility J-pole and mounting brace both pivot 45 degrees, enabling the mast to maintain a vertical position when installed on an angled and/or pitched surface. Clear most pitched roofs or raise your antenna above a wall thanks to the adjustable and telescoping mast section Pre-Galvanized Steel: UV Stable, Matt Black powder coat Base: 1.66" Extension: 1.5" Max Load: 30 lbs (depending on mounting surface) Baseplate Size (LxWxH): 9 x 3.25 x 1 inches Mounting Holes on Baseplate: 6 Supported Antennas: Yagi, Log-Periodic, Phases Array, Omnidirectional, Parabolic, Broadband Internet, Satellite (1.66" Clamp), Cellular, Microwave, and more Supported Intalls: Wall, Roof, Eave Mount Includes Adjustments for: Slanted, Pitched, Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces Installed Lengths: 24", 34", 36", 40", and 44"
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