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The Simpson Strong-Tie Clip secures and supports two pieces of plywood without the use of nails. The clip fits snugly between the plywood pieces to provide edge support. It's quick to install and doesn't require nails. It provides a 1/8 in gap to address shrinkage and expansion of sheathing. It's galvanized for corrosion resistance. One pack includes one 20-gauge steel panel clip.
Channel rainwater off buildings with this Taiga PVC gutter downspout. The downspout is made from polyvinyl chloride for durability, which reduces the risk of failure. This gutter accessory is easy to install and has a poly-coat system that won't blister or crack.
The brick ties from Simpson Strong-Tie are made from 22-gauge steel and galvanized (G90) for extra corrosion resistance. Provide a connection between the wood structure and brick façade. Typically for use on the outside of structures. Embossments provide extra holding power. Use for 1-in prescriptive code airspace requirement, or at a closer spacing for airspaces from 1/2-in. Install with 0.131-inch x 2-1/2-inch nails.
For 1/16-in. cables. Made of metal.
S-hook. 1 in. Made of steel. Zinc finish.
Steel flat tie. 10"
The decorative concrete bricks by Basalite® are cost-effective and can be used in paver and wall applications.
Category: Cement Siding
This adjustable patented bungey hook works on 1/4'' (0.6 cm) and 5/16'' (0.8 cm) bungey cord. This hook is adjustable and easy to use. Just slide the bungey through the open slots in the hook and make your own bungey length. No need to have several lengths of bungey cords. It features a safety hook that helps prevents hook from slipping off or coming unhooked. Sold separately.
Category: Emergency Items
For 3/32-in. to 1/8-in. cables. Made of metal.
Use these wall switch plates to add the finishing touches to your home. Each wall plate features a white colour for use with most paint schemes. These plastic wall plates offer both longevity and ease of cleaning.
Use patio paving stones for exterior flooring. The paving stones interlock to simplify installation. Make dirt and gravel disappear with durable concrete paving stones.
For 3/16-in. cables. Made of metal.
For toggle switch. Smooth surface. Made of plastic. Brown. Also offered in white (sold separately and in pack of 10) and ivory.
This eyebolt from Onward is made from zinc-plated steel to offer the greatest possible durability and strength. This 2" blunt-end bolt has a 3/16" diameter and is perfect to hang items weighing up to 40 lb. The eyelet is ideal to hang ropes or cables with a 10 mm maximum diameter. The mating hex nut comes with the eyebolt.
The Oatey 3/4" grey anti-corrosion polypropylene pipe half clamp is designed to be mounted to walls and joists and minimizes water line vibrations. The clamp can be used on hydronic systems and its ribbed design allows the pipe to cool faster and to expand or contract freely. The clamp is UPC certified and is covered by 1-year warranty against manufacturing defaults.
Category: Straps and Ties
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Fasten materials with these aluminum nails. Their ivory finish enhances their corrosion resistance. The painted nails withstand compressional forces for durability. They have a flat head that enhances grip strength.
Category: Siding Nails
Perform renovations with a Kaycan siding nail. Its aluminum build offers superior corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance. The aluminum siding nail has a smooth shank for easy penetration. The single nail is 7 in L.
Category: Siding Nails
Firmly fix moveable parts using the Ben-Mor Roll Pin Spring Hitch Pins. These cotter pins have a zinc finish to withstand damage. The superior build ensures that bolts stay in place. This steel roll pin spring comes with a 1-year warranty.
Category: Cotter Pins
Simpson Strong-Tie's fence bracket is designed for connecting fence posts to rails. The simple design of this fence rail bracket provides strong connections without the need for toe nails or screws. Preinstallation of brackets allows rails to slide into place easily, so planning and building fences, deck/porch railings and louvers is quick and simple. Made from heavy-duty 20-gauge steel, it features ZMAX(R) triple-zinc galvanized finish for extra corrosion resistance, a design with outdoor conditions and treated-wood applications in mind. Holes are sized for 0.131-in x 1.5-in nails, 0.131-in x 2.5-in nails or #9 x 1.5-in Strong-Drive(R) SD Connector screws into the supporting member.
This L-shaped hexagonal key is ideal for everyday jobs around the house as well as general mechanical repairs. Durable steel construction prevents stripping and wear.
Category: Hex Keys
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